Coman develops filling system to process the milk into the packed product, ready for the large-scale distribution. Since years, Coman strives to satisfy the maximum hygiene and quality standards for the Food & Dairy industry, a market requiring always higher performances for the productivity, the shelf life of the product and the reliability of the production process (HACCP). Beside these features, the market requires also a certain sustainability of the investments and a short-term economical return (ROI).

The established experience in the milk packaging guarantees a unique knowledge to face customers’ requests, in order to offer some of the most complete filling solutions on the market: feasibility study, tailor-made facilities and the installation and start-up of the whole line.

Our portfolio includes packaging machines able to guarantee a productivity rates ranging from 6,000 to 38,000 bottles or jars per hour, with packaging solutions suitable for distributors and retailer needs.

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