Coman provides aseptic filling plants for liquid foodstuff, particularly for milk and yogurt processing system.

Filling products in sterile conditions is one of the most crucial requirements  in the modern food process. As a matter of fact, operating in totally aseptic condition is mandatory to preserve the genuine product, since every exposure to contaminations, even microscopic, will affect product characteristics and lifetime

Coman aseptic fillers design fulfils and satisfies the quality standards in the most critical environments.

Aseptiline filler

The Aseptiline is the answer to the technological needs for aseptic filling in a sterile environment, through several innovations which optimize the performances and secure a reliable process. Therefore it also guarantees the return on the investment (ROI).

The advantages of the aseptiline filler are:

  • Easy management of the plant
  • Complete safety during the aseptic filling
  • Flexibility for managing a wide range of container size and materials
  • Decreasing power supply costs
  • CIP and SIP included
  • It can work up to 72 consecutive hours without CIP/SIP
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